About Us

A local business making a powerful impact, The Yard Force is committed to being a positive force for good by creating and maintaining exceptional landscapes. But it’s not just about the grass and shrubs, we also are committed to providing meaningful work opportunities and training for those wanting to better themselves.

First of all, we are a full-service landscaping and lawn care company that displays excellence, integrity, and reliability through superior work and attention to detail. Too many companies are in the lawn care industry to just “mow and go” and many times cut corners and don’t spend time to really help you. We want to set a new standard and help beautify and improve our community in the process.

The Yard Force is committed and passionate about transforming a fragmented, unsophisticated industry into one driven by excellent customer experiences, and giving back by training and equipping our work force with the tools necessary to be successful.  Where possible we try to hire and train veterans or those underemployed looking to better themselves. We also are passionate about teens and provide after-school and weekend work or summer jobs for high school students.   

Adam and Clay both grew up farm boys with a strong work ethic and been landscaping since they were little. Adam has served in the US Army and been deployed multiple times.  He’s a UT graduate and currently in the Air National Guard.  Clay’s a UVA graduate and enjoys volunteering with the Boys Scouts.  Both are committed to excellence, customer service and your overall positive experience.  

You Will See “The Force” in two ways:

The Force (The Power of Our Work):

Our commitment to provide inspired design, expert installation and exceptional customer service to all our clients.

 Our Force (The Power of Our People):

We partner with local non-profits to help those in transition find meaning and purpose in life by helping create beautiful landscapes.

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