Here is what some of our customers have to say about our services

Donna Jacobs

“Clay and his team aerated and over seeded my lawn last Fall. They had such a great attitude and were total professionals. My lawn looks great and I look forward to having them come back again for more projects.”

Cathy Price

“Originally, the Yard Force came to aerate and over seed my lawn, but while they were there we started discussing a larger landscaping project. They came in a few weeks later and transformed our front yard. We are now preparing to sell our house and the curb appeal has increased 1000% because of the great work the Yard Force did.”

Wes Carter

“The guys did an awesome job removing leaves from my property this Fall. They also trimmed trees and bushes while there. Anytime I have a landscaping project in the future, they are the guys I will call.”

Beau Snodgrass

“The Yard Force has been great to work with. They have taken on some challenging jobs in my yard. They’ve also trimmed trees and re-landscaped my flower beds. I would recommend them to anyone! “

Marcy Mizukawa

“Our first house was 20+ years old and so was the landscaping. Much of it was overgrown and the trees, bushes and ivy had taken over. We had to make a change, and the Yard Force guys helped us create a vision for our new beds. We minimized and simplified and now it looks great! I can’t wait to see what we can do next.”

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